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Guide Shorts Mens

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This is the first and original IR product, now celebrating it’s 18th year in production. We’ve made small changes over the years, but the core product remains the same: A simple, strong boardshort made specifically for paddling. Specific for paddling? Thats right:

These shorts are made with a dense-weave heavyweight polyester knit fabric that is abrasion resistant, but dries quickly.

Lace up waist because raft guides loose weight over the summer and laces can be adjusted

Extra wide crotch gusset that prevents the dreaded “camel toe” when seated, and a high back rise to avoid “plumber’s butt”.

No liner-  because mesh liners itch like crazy after wearing them for 2 weeks in a row

Carabiner grommet embedded on the leg allows you to clip them with the rest of your gear… and for that special “paddler look” put the grommet over your car antenna on the shuttle to dry your shorts.

Long inseam to cover your thigh on the thigh brace

The shorts also feature a zip front fly, two side seam pockets (like on a pair of jeans) and a back zip pocket making them functional on and off the river.

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